Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blogshop review: Dress Forever

Hi all!

Dress Forever provides pre-order service on quality garment at wholesale price. So, you can definitely find something here without spending much ;) If you're looking for clothes that are unique, simple, sexy and feminine, then this is the place for you.

Modish Crochet Back White Blouse
Price: RM34 (Retail)
(A pretty white blouse with a nice crochet back design)

Smocked Waist Trendy Dress
Price: RM30 (Retail)
(I am so loving this dress! Suitable for work as well as a casual outing)

Graceful Flowy Lace Edged Dress
Price: RM36 (Retail)
(Perfect for this season ^^)

Simple White Dress with Belt
Price: RM32 (Retail)
(Simple yet elegant ^^)

Layered Short Jumpsuit
Price: RM31 (Retail)
(A sexy jumpsuit which would be really suitable for the summer)
Sweet Chiffon Top Mesh Dress
Price: RM38 (Retail)
(Cute dress with heart designs that can be worn with pants for a different look)
 Check out Dress Forever at http://www.dressforever.blogspot.com/


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