Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Blogshop review: Look Pretty

Hello Ladies!

Look Pretty's back with more new arrivals. With floral and leopard design being a fashion trend lately, Look Pretty's new arrivals are just perfect and pretty for this season ;)

Pleated Vintage
Price: RM52
(This is a really pretty 
baby green dress and pleated linings. Loving it!)

Floral Dress
Price: RM65
(What's better than a floral dress this season? Available in other designs as well ^^)

Leopard Jacket Blazer
Price: RM55
(A unique blazer that can be worn front and back. Totally  practical!)

Leopard Chiffon Dress
Price: RM90
(A simple dress with leopard prints, worn with black leggings and heels)

Spring Summer Leopard
Price: RM68
(Unique and a really nice colour)
Check out Look Pretty's latests at http://wannalookpretty.blogspot.com/


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