Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blogshop review: Grazioso

Hi everyone!

Check out Grazioso. A blogshop that sells clothes and bags which I have to say tends to sell out really fast. So, check out Grazioso now and start looking out for the stuff that you want and quickly grab it before it sells out ^^. Besides that, they give out a 10% discount for purchasing 2 items and above.

Low waisted long pants
Code: PA8571
Price: RM49

Code: BL5249
Price: RM49
(A really cute top with a korean fashion flair to it)

Code: DR2068D
Price: RM35
(It's available in other colours as well)
 What I really like about this blogshop is their bags. With all the hype for vintage bags, Grazioso sells a variety of vintage bags. Unfortunately, they are all sold out. We just have to wait for their new stock then ^^.


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