Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blogshop review: Travellers Jewellery

Hi all!

It is undeniable that korean fashion is getting tons of attention lately and here is Travellers Jewellery. An amazing blogshop that sells korean fashion jewellery that are completely unique and different.

Code: ECS000796
Price: RM16
(A really cute bracelet that is mad out of acrylic pearl, rhinestones and gold plated findings)

Code: ECS000795
Price: RM15
(Honestly, so loving this. Totally suitable with a dress for dinner)

Code: ECS000791
Price: RM16
(Need I say more? A simple necklace that looks so pretty and delicate)

Code: ECS000789
Price: RM17
Code: ECS000787
Price: RM18
(A really nice and sweet bracelet mad out of acrylic pearl)
Check out Travellers Jewellery at


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