Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blogshop review: Look Pretty

Hello Ladies!

Looking for something pretty, different and affordable? Then check out Look Pretty where you can definitely find something pretty here. This blogshop sells clothes that are really feminine. And not to mention that they sell lace skirts which I so adore ^^

Sweet Leaf
Price: RM60
(Available in other colours as well. A really unique and sweet top)

Colourful Candy
Price: RM53
(A simple dress with amazing colours)

Sweet Princess Lace Mini Skirt
Price: RM45
(A really cute lace skirt!)

Bohemian Lace Dress
Price: RM56
(A simple dress that can be worn as above for a cool look)

Lotus Lace Dress
Price: RM57
(A cute lace dress. Worn with ballet flats and tada! ^^)
Check out Look Pretty at


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