Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fashion trend: Shorts suit

Hello Fashionistas!

Pretty dresses are out now and it got replaced with edgy blazers and shorts lately ;) You got that right. Shorts suit are the latest trend going on.

Check out Olivia Palermo in her black and white shorts suit
(Loving her outfit! Just wish I could get rid of that bow for her)
Blake Lively in her shorts suit
(Look at that mile-long legs of hers. This outfit absolutely accentuates her most gifted assets (and i'm talking about her legs btw haha) =p)
Ms Sevigny in a vintage shorts suit with a straw floral-adorned boater
(Loving her shorts with the amazing pattern)
Check out Alexa Chung
(She looks chic and loving how those shoes just compliments her outfit)
Gwyneth Paltrow in a slick white number
(One word : STUNNING)
Simple in black with fabulous pair of wedges and sunglasses is none other than Kate Moss
(Just wish she wouldn't wear like she was heading to the funeral. Is she?)
So Fashionistas, start filling your wardrobe with Shorts suit ;)

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