Friday, 27 May 2011

Blogshop review: Marizz Collection

Hallo everyone!

Marizz Collection sells a variety of fashion items that are imported from China. The clothes that they sell are trendy and chic. And absolutely perfect for the summer.

Code: 061-032
Price: RM32
(A simple dress that is perfect for the summer)

Code: 061-030
Price: RM40
(A dress with flowers and it comes with a belt!)

Code: 061-029
Price: RM47
(With denim back in fashion, this top is absolutely perfect)

Code: 061-025
Price: RM35
(Made of lace and chiffon)

Code: 061-024
Price: RM37
(Suited with a dress and leggings, ready to go!)

Code: 061-017
Price: RM35
(A lovely lace dress that can be worn for a night out ^^)
 Check out Marizz Collection at


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