Friday, 27 May 2011

Fashion trend [Asian]: Leopard print

Hello Fashionistas!

Guess what's trending within Korean celebrities lately. Honestly, it's something that I can't imagine myself wearing but after looking at a few clothes and these celebs, I'm starting to change my mine. Anyways, back to the topic, it's none other than Leopard prints. Leopard prints are best worn with neutral or black colours which allows the prints to be the main focus. 

Korean celebrities are seen wearing apparels, bags, accessories and footwear with leopard prints. Check out the pics below ;)

B2st's member Doojoon in a pair of leopard print shoes

And here's Yoseob (B2st) in a leopard print bag matched with a white top and black jeans

Max (DBSK) in a leopard print bag

And there's Rain in a leopard print bag as well ^^

Secret Garden's main actor, Hyun Bin, in a leopard print top matched  with black  which allows the print to be the main focus

Yoona (SNSD) in her leopard print dress worn with a black belt

Another SNSD member, Sooyoung, in a black leopard print top matched with pastel colour to give a modern  yet feminine look

After School members looking cool and trendy in leopard prints
As you can see, leopard prints are in and it's seen on various fashion items from tops to shoes to bags ;)

Credits to YesStylist


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