Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogshop review: Peep Boutique

Hello all!

Looks who's back with new arrivals? Peep Boutique with a new set of clothes that are really comfortable, flowy, chiffon and cool ^^. What I really like about this new collection of theirs is that it's comfortable, flowy and the colours. Not to mention that you can wear it in different ways to bring out a whole new look :)

Chiffon Knee Length Pants
Pice: RM49
(Don't be deceived by this piece. It looks like a skirt but it's a knee length pair of shorts that is wrapped around a Raggedy Anne cut chiffon piece)

Pleated Swing Skirt
Price: RM49
(A really cool skirt with different colours and  can be worn in different ways)

Oversized Polyester Knit Top
Price: RM49
(A really comfortable oversized top ^^)
Check out Peep Boutique's latest at http://www.peepboutique.com/


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