Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogshop review: Room 8008

Hey girls!

Check out Room 8008 where you can definitely find something really sweet and retro.

(A really sweet dress which is totally fit for the summer)

Play Dress
Price: RM49
(Lovely dress ^^)

Tanga Lace Skirt
Price: RM59
(Available in black as well. With lace being a fashion trend now, just can't get enough of this skirt)

Lovely Lace
Price: RM55
(A lovely dress made out of lace and cotton ^^)

Topshop inspired singlet
Price: RM39
(A simple singlet worn with a skirt, pants or shorts to bring out a different look)
  Check out Room 8008 at http://room8008.blogspot.com/


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