Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogshop review: Purdy

Hey girls!

Remember Purdy? The blogshop that sells amazing fashion accessories. Well, Purdy's back with new arrivals and you'll definitely not be disappointed.

Knuckle Hearts
Price: RM22
(Knuckle rings are really in fashion lately and this is a really simple yet pretty ring)

Blue Swallows
Price: RM12
(A really pretty blue colour ^^)
Price: RM14
(Amazing pair of earrings with pretty beads on it)

Polka Bow
Price: RM20
(A cute bow ring that is absolutely retro and funky)

White Rose
Price: RM18
(Long chain white rose necklace with white plastic rose mold and vintage brass stem. A really pretty and vintage style rose necklace ^^) 
Check out Purdy's latests at


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