Monday, 30 May 2011

Blogshop review: Whitesoot

Hi Ladies!

Whitesoot is back with more new arrivals ;) This time round, with simple yet amazing and unique clothes. Check it out!

Butterfly Sleeve Cream Dress
Price: RM49
(A lovely, sweet and feminine dress with butterfly sleeves that  can be worn with a pair of heels and sheer black stockings for a feminine posh look. Amazing for work!)

Textured Orchid Mini Skirt
Price: RM47
(A simple skirt yet amazing)

Duty Shirt with Chained Scarf
Price: RM49
(A cute duty shirt with a classic look ^^)

Basic Two-layer Chiffon Camisole
Price: RM35
(A simple camisole that can be worn with their 50s flare skirts for a retro look. Cute, unique and funky!)

White Military Boyfriend Shirt
Price: RM49
(Nice, simple and white shirt with gold button fastening)
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