Friday, 27 May 2011

Blogshop review: The Shop Next Door

Hi girls!

The Shop Next Door is a blogshop that sells fashion accessories from bracelets, earring, rings, necklaces to hair accers :) If you are a huge fan of vintage accessories and ribbons then you are at the right place. They have really nice vintage accessories and ribbon pins that is worth checking out.

Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of their fashion accessories ;)

Vintage Mystery Black Stone Necklace
Price: RM16
(A really simple yet nice vintage necklace)

Silver Colour Vintage Heart Long Necklace
Price: RM13
(Loving the floral design)

Vintage Cute Ribbon Pin with Flowers
Price: RM5
(Honestly, I'm a huge fan of ribbon pins and this is simple and lovely ^^)
Stop! Long Necklace
Price: RM12
(A really cool stop necklace!)

Dainty Ribbon with pearls
Price: RM16
(Sweet and feminine ^^)

Golden Butterfly Necklace
Price: RM15
(I really love this necklace as it's different and beautiful. Unfortunately, it's sold out :/ )

Dainty Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet
Price: RM13
(Another item that it's sold but I just have to post it as I find this bracelet really cute and sweet)
Check out The Shop Next Door at


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