Friday, 20 May 2011

Blogshop review: TimbleWimbleWee

Hi all!

A new blogshop is in town. Check out TimbleWimbleWee where you can get all kinds of shoes at a reasonable price ;) And not to mention, they are currently having a blog sale which means that you can the shoes at a way cheaper price.

Strap Black
Original Price: RM65
Now: RM58
(Slinky black heels ^^)

Blue Zipper
Original Price: RM75
Now: RM67

Furry Black Boots
Original Price: RM70
Now: RM63
(Honestly, this is really cheap for a pair of boots)

Pink embellished ribbon
Original Price: RM60
Now: RM54
(Perfect match with jeans or a body hugging dress ^^)
Check out TimbleWimbleWee at


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