Sunday, 12 June 2011

Blogshop review: Mezzanine

Hi all!

As I'm a huge fan of shoes, I simply have to blog about this blogshop. Mezzanine have simply the most amazing if not unique shoes. They sell a variety of fashion items such as dresses, tops, accessories and skirts ;)

Fancy Forms (Pre Order)
Price: RM129
(Simply love the heels and the cute peep toe)
Chase (Pre Order)
Price: RM119
(Simply unique!)
Quilty Boots (Pre Order)
Price: RM129
(Chic and rugged)
White Dotty Pumps
Price: RM90
(Cute and absolutely retro)
Floral buckle
Price: RM120
(I find this pair absolutely cute and totally in this summer)
Cut out Heart (Pre Order)
Price: RM69
(Really amazing pair of earrings and I have totally fallen in love with it)
Check out Mezzanine at


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