Monday, 13 June 2011

Blogshop review: The Shoe Cupboard

Hello peeps!

Check out The Shoe Cupboard where they sell gorgeous shoes from USA and other countries outside Malaysia.  With this, you can be assured of their quality ;) What's more? This blogshop have shoes with the latest trends and designs.

The Carla
Price: RM152
(A gorgeous pair of heels with a lovely side design)

The Sheila
Prive: RM160
(A pair of flats that is simply classic)

The Christine
Price: RM181
(A classic pair of booties that is absolutely gorgeous)

The Ashley
Price: RM144
(A really unique pair of flats! It's slipped-on!)

The April
Price: RM209
(Will look amazing with shorts)

The Madonna
Price: RM155
(Simple and suitable for work or a night out)
 Check out The Shoe Cupboard at


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