Monday, 13 June 2011

Blogshop review: Motte Preorder

Hey Ladies!

Look who's back with more new arrivals. It's Motte Preorder! With more gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits ;)

H&M Pale Peach Jumpsuit
Price: RM138
(An amazing nude coloured jumpsuit)
The English Jacket
Price: RM158
(Gorgeous jacket which is absolutely divine)
Layered Long Dress
Price: RM170
(A dress that is suitable for the summer)
H&M Sleeveless Floral Long Dress
Price: RM138
H&M Tutu Dress
Price: RM199
(A cute piece!)
Zara Leopard Dress
Price: RM109
(Love this leopard printed dress which is trendy this season)
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