Monday, 8 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Bebel Nina

Hey Fashionistas!

Bebel Nina has come up with more fashion apparels for all you online shoppers out there! Check out some of their items =)

Avery Floral Tube Dress
(We absolutely love the dress here. The floral designs are not too extravagant nor too subtle. Just perfect is what we call it!)

Fiona Chiffon Dress
(The black layering at the shoulders and bottom of the dress adds a hint of class to the dress)

Amelia Jean Bead Printed Dress
(Is fun and loving what you're after? Get this dress and you'll become just that! Its also perfect for a nice casual outing ^.^)

Sophia Floral Maxi Dress
(Love the floral prints on this dress. The nice femenine tones are just perfect for us!)

Cehck out more of their items at :


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