Monday, 8 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Kaleidoscope Sunday

Hey Fashionistas!

Kaleidoscope Sunday is back with more clothes from Supre! Looks like Supre is really getting famous these days. Supre is basically a fashion store based in Australia. And yes! You can buy their items from Kaleidoscope Sunday! Whats more? Supre Batch 4 is out now! Pre-order ends this Wednesday so what are you waiting for? Go order your items now! Whats more? They're having a promotion! They have slashed the prices of their items exclusively for you!!

We love plain tees for a reason. You can mix and match it with whatever you want. Plus! It makes your accessories stand out =) There's a whole variety of different coloured Supre plain Tees. Check it out!

Love this long singlet top here! A belt addition helps give the hour glass look!

This top here gives it carelessly chique look. Which is really hard to pull of!

Love this rocker gal look. Real sexay~

Check out more of their items at :


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