Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Calomi Fashion

Hey Fashionistas!!

Calomi Fashion is in town! And they have lots of exciting fashion apparels to offer! Check out some of their items! Whats more? Add them on Facebook to enjoy a 10% discount!!! And yes. This only applies till the 16th August. One more day left! You're one click away to getting a 10% discount!!! So 'like' them now! And buy!!
Check out some of their items!

Toga Flower Top
We absolutely LOVE that huge flower on top! Its a real attention grabber!
Whats more, it can be worn formally for work! You will definitely be the eyes of every men and women of the company!

Polka Dress
(We love how the bottom of the polka dress have lacing on it. Definitely differentiates all the other polka dresses in the market! And the round dots are just the right size for us! Not too small nor too big ^.^)

Simply Elegant
(Simply Elegant is just. Well. Simply Elegant! haha This is the perfect work dress for you! But of course, you can wear it for any nice elegant event as well)

Check out more of their items at :


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