Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blogshop Review : A Season In Summer

Hey ladies!

A Season in Summer is on Sale! We know its a bit too late to inform you gals about this. But we've been busy preparing for our awesome ROADSHOW!! You must come!! Lots of freebies and fun activities await!! Okay. Back to A Season in Summer. They've been having sales for the past week. And guess what? Tomorrow is the LAST and FINAL day! So what are you waiting for? BUY BUY BUY!! These are some of the items on sale! They're really cute and we're pleasantly surprised they're on sale (because most shops won't offer sales for pretty items. *ahem* evil scammers! ). A Season in Summer is definitely different from all those. So yes. Enough blabbering. Check out some of their 'on sale' items!!

Stripe my Ribbon
(We really love the way they matched the top with this high waisted shorts! The ribbon actually adds a little 'fun' into it. You can also match it with other bottoms as well!
Hmm...I wonder whether they sell that high wasted shorts...

Sparrow Top
(We love this sparrow top here! Its so pretty! Adds a little fun into your steps!)

Marigold III
(*screams* POLOROID TOP!!! have we mentioned that we just love polaroid cameras?!?!?!? They cost about RM300 for one Instax Poloroid Camera! Please oh please someone buy one for me.
Anyway, for all you Polaroid fanatics (like mua) buy this!!!)

They offer more fun an exciting items!! 


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