Friday, 19 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Chap-Four

Hey Fashionistas!

Chap-Four is back! With more exciting and new fashion apparels for all you Ladies out there! They also have items from Singapore and Korea this time around! Check out some of their items =)

Birdie Top
(It may be a little on the transparent side but you can always put on a nice top inside. This top is really cute and exciting!)

(Comes in mustard yellow as well! This one is definitely not as transparent as the one in white. So for all you gals whose not a big fan of clothing thats too transparent, you can still get this!)

Ophelia Polka-Dot Top
(We're a fan of polka-dots. Just simply slip on a nice little singlet in there and you're good to go!)

Little Zibra Top
(You cimply can't resist those little zebras on this top here! Its so cute!!! and simply irresistible!)

(And it comes in white as well!! Choose either yellow or white to match any bottoms you're wearing. You will look gorgeous and cute either ways!)

Rosary Layer Top
(This has some Korean influences to it. Really love the way the top is layered to perfection. And the collar! Its has a round-ish feel to it thus giving you a nice irresistible look. Whats more, you can also wear it to work! And you can just simply head of for shopping after that! Cause this top looks casual enough as well!
This top is definitely the best of both worlds! Get it!)

Check out more of their items at :


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