Friday, 19 August 2011

Blogshop review: The Summer's Attic

Hello Ladies!

Fashion accessories are a huge hit lately especially those really cool and funky ones. So, check out The Summer's Attic right now! They have just updated and have really awesome accessories which goes really well with any outfits for different occasion.

Pink Links Charms and Coins Bracelet
(A Diva bracelet. Who says coins can't won't look good as a bracelet?)

Stone and Tassel Bracelet
(Lovisa bracelet. Loving the tassels on the bracelet and how it swishes as you fling it *winks*)

Chandelier Earring
(Diva earrings. Would look amazing for diner)

Cutesy Owl Pendant
(Another Diva product. A really different owl pendant design. Something unique)

Big Butterfly Ring
(For the butterfly design enthusiast *Like me* A really funky butterfly design)
Check out The Summer's Attic at


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