Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Chasseur de Reve

Hey Fashionistas!

Need some cute and fashionable accessories to go with your clothes? Chasseur de Reve is here to save the day! Their new August collection is spunky, fun and exciting! Check it out!

This just reminds me of home. Love the cute chimney addition at the top!

This cute mini camera reminds us of those classic cameras thats becoming a huge hype these days! 
Buy this! To show your support for lomography!

Love this heart shaped rings. The middle heart is also embedded with little diamonds just especially to catch your attention!

This sword ring has a nice King Arthur feel to it ^.^ We absolutely adore the uniqueness of this ring!

Whats more? Their July batch is a MUST  BUY as well! Take a look and I'm sure you'll agree with us!

This bicycle ring is one of a kind! Love the careful detailing. I can almost imagine myself cycling away on it teehee!

This little pink dress is a definite attention grabber! Just the perfect type of pink for us ^.^

Oooo They offer clothing as well!!
Love the top! You can match it with absolutely anything! Tuck it in a high waisted skirt or even in trousers, wear it loosely around your shorts or even put on a jacket over it. You will still look as fashionable as ever!
The skirts are also a must buy! Love the heart shaped patterns =)

We love this school girl look. Makes you look young and carefree!

Check out more of their items at :


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