Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blogshop review: Couture Cove

Hi all!

'Modern Wear, Ethnic Flair'. That's what Couture Cove is all about. They have the most amazing clothes with the ethnic flair concept in their collection. Now with Hari Raya coming near, you can try out Couture Cove for the perfect Hari Raya outfit with a modern flair to it. Totally perfect right?

Code: JT0001
Price: RM46

Code: TT001
Price: RM50
(A really cool way of bringing the old with a modern flair)

Code: TT013
Price: RM65
(An elegant piece. Best suited over black pants)

Code: DCLR01
Price: RM175
(Made by patching a variety design of materials)

Code: DWHT01
Price: RM250
(A beautiful dress which is beautifully accessorized with white beads)
Check out Couture Cove at


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