Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blogshop review: Nude & Sultry

Hey Ladies!

With Hari Raya coming soon, your would need fashion accessories to match your new clothes. And what's netter than Nude & Sultry. Each collection brings a bohemian chic and middle eastern with a modern twist as well as classical chic with an edge. Their latest collection have really cool pieces that would go really well with your baju kurungs and kebayas. Something different and totally unique.

(A really classy piece of earring that would look divine for an elegant dinner)

(Love the design and the turquoise bead at the end gives a splash of colour that it needs)

(Something that is totally different from the usual )

Olyvia Drab

Amaryllis Egyptian Necklace
(Loving the turquoise)

Jasmine Necklace
(A simple looking necklace but there's nothing simple about it)

Check out Nude & Sultry at


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