Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blogshop review: The Survival Store

Hi all!!

Now this is a blogshop which all of you should check out. What I really love about The Survival Store is that they import and handpicked clothes from Korea or Seoul to be more precise. And I'm totally loving it! Lol. They have jackets and tops which you should check out and what's more? It's totally perfect for the summer and it's something different from those usual.

Aug 028 Top
(A simple top, perfect for the summer heat)

Aug 029 Bottom
(Loving this skirt which goes very well with their top and can be worn with a jacket to work)

Aug 027
(Loving this jacket which was handpicked from Seoul. And the pink jacket is simply divine)

Aug 023
(A work top that is totally different from those typical work tops)

Aug 024
(Loving this jacket and the gold buttons. Totally screaming for attention)
Check out The Survival Store at


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