Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogshop Review : Personally Yours

Hey there!

Personally Yours sell handmade items. Their handmade items are unique and special. So you don't have to worry of coming to work or class one day and finding out that - Oh! Someone else have the same accessory as you. So check them out! They have a lot to offer! Here are some of the items by Personally Yours.

Fabrics Fanatic
(They sell fabric! And you can do whatever you want with it! Whether it is sewing your first ever clothing or even merely wrapping it around your notebook to make it extra special! There are endless possibilities to using this fabric! Whats more? Its ONLY RM8!!)

The Chain Bookmark
(Love this chain bookmark here! Adds a little twist to your reading!)

Customization Collection
(We love the way these are all handmade and not to mention cheap! We really love the colourful bracelet =) Its so cute!!)

Its Spring Time
(Now this is one bracelet that you simply can't get your eyes off! Its so pretty and Pink! Look at how the bracelet was designed! Simply devine!)

Check out more of their items at : http://personallyy.blogspot.com/


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