Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blogshop Review : The Arrogant Minnie Preorder

Hey Fashionistas!

The Arrogant Minnie Preorder is back with Batch 26! More clothes, heels, bags and many more up for grabs! Stay tuned for their Batch 26! Check out a quick preview of this Batch!

Ballerina Shift Dress
(Love the colour on this dress. Makes you look pretty and sophisticated. Which is the kind of look you would want to look out for when you go out to work!)

Stradivarius Little Red Shoe
(We really love the red on this particular shoe. Do you know that red symbolises love, energy, strength and power?)

The 80s Bag
(The 80s bag alright! These bags are so pretty and vintage! We just can't get enough of vintage bags!)

Double Buckle Two Way Suitcase
(This is a one of a kind suitcase! We personally prefer to use it without the long handle. Looks more professional!)

Check out more of their items at : http://arrogantminniepreorder.blogspot.com/

Do notice their theme at the top of their website - quote - Ugly Clothes Is A Global Issue - unquote -
I'd say "Here, Here!!"


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