Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ROADSHOW at Sunway University!!

Hey Fashionistas!

The Roadshow is One Day away! We're really excited! This is going to be our very first Roadshow / Bazaar! Do check us out on the 25th and 26th August from 10am to 5pm at Sunway University at the Student Services Department. The cafeteria is right outside the Student Services Department. If you don't know the way, fret not! Just ask anyone around and students will point you to the right direction! So do come check us out!

Lots of Blogshops are coming over to participate with us!

Here is the list of Blogshops attending for the big event!

1) I Heart Badges
2) Notbook-Notbuk
3) The Bubbles Lab
4) Buttons Je
5) Country Victoria
6) All Kinds of Everything
7) White Carriage
8) Popdallolies
9) Peep Boutique
10) Room 8008
11) Precious Boutique
12) Chasseur de Reve
13) charlie
14) My Vanity Closet
15) Duchess of Yolk
16) Things We Lurve

The layout is as shown below:

We have Clothing, Shoes, Heels, Accessories, Stationeries and even Cupcakes!! 

*The pictures of our roadshow are up. You can check it out at our facebook page =)


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