Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blogshop review: Lavish Chiq

Hallo Ladies!

Lovely Chiq where you can find lovely accessories that gives you beauty. Tons of fashion accessories from necklaces to headbands and really cute harajuku pouches! And if you are a huge fan of ribbon clips like me then you should check this blogshop out. Check out  the pictures below for a glimpse of their accessories ^^

Old-school Headband
(An exquisite handmade headband by Lavish Chiq. Really posh!)

Floral Ribbon Hair Clip
(Love floral designs and ribbon hairclips? Check these out. Another handmade product by Lavish Chiq)

Floral Ribbon Hair Tie
(Handmade and something to tie your hair during the summer)

Vintage Owl Necklace
(Loving this really cute vintage owl necklace. Check out those colourful beads! Especially those blue owl eyes!)

Harajuku Lovers Multi-purpose pouch
(Something to put your handphone, money and other necessities. Easy to hold and super cute!)
Check out Lavish Chiq at


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