Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blogshop review: Trendy Bellaz

Hi all!

Trendy Bellaz is back with more goodies to fill your closet. Awesome Topshop inspired sheer top, convertible sling bags and vintage blouses! They are absolutely exclusive and personally handpicked from overseas.

Vintage Pussy Bow
(A long sleeve top with quirky polka dots. Definitely something that can be worn to work. Added with a little pussy bow design to give it a whole new look) 

Convertible Sling Bag
(Don't look down at this bag. Absolutely convertible from a spacious sling tote to a chic bucket bag. And tons of space to put your stuff)

Topshop Inspired Sheer Top
(Edgy design with cooling comfy material. Comfortable and totally chic and perfect for the summer)
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