Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blogshop review: Clothes Defined

Hi Ladies!

Clothes Defined is back. You have got to check out their latest tops which are adorable and unique. And make sure to check out how they match the clothes. Loving how they match it with other clothing apparels to make the whole outfit really cool.

Pocket T
(Made of thin cotton which makes it perfect for the summer heat. The really cute pocket makes the whole top adorable. And check out the different ways you can match it with)

Fairy Flutter
(Featuring a unique cut off sleeve, layered chiffon outer layer and the different ways you can wear it. Seriously a unique piece especially the sleeves which brings out the sexiness) 

BF Inspired
(Available in 3 colours. It's sheer which requires you to wear a tube. Vintage and casual)
Check out Clothes Defined at


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