Thursday, 27 October 2011

Blogshop Review : Name What You Want

Name What You Want

Thats the moto of this blogshop. They sell mostly accessories from earrings to necklaces. But they also offer those occasional clothing apparels. And we must say, we love their items!

Peacock with Feather Necklace
We have yet to see a peacock necklace combined with a peacock feather itself.
And we must say, it look so pretty! 
A definite must buy!

Leopard Heart Shape Necklace

Rolling Stone Varsity Jacket
Real trendy jacket, perfect for all you ladies out there.
If you could see clearly, there's a cute pair of lips at the top left side of the jacket.
Reminds us of none other than 

Looks the same?
We thinks so too!

Leopard Clutch
Need a little glamour in your outfit?
Grad one of these!

Mini Union Jack Earrings
In support of the United Kingdom?
Gran these!
They look really cute!

Check out more items from their website at :


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